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Individual sessions are available in 50 min and 80 min. lengths. I always start with a brief phone call to see what you are looking for help with. Once we both agree that working together is a possibility, a formal 50 min. consultation gives us both a chance to learn more about your needs and goals as well as what my approach looks like to assess for a good fit. Consultation fee is $125, Individual session fees are $225 for 50 min, and $325 for 80 min.

I do offer sliding scale based on need and availability.

Currently I can only provide therapy for Clients residing in CA via Zoom or in-person in Pasadena. Clients outside CA--see details under "Consultation".


I offer family support sessions for parents and family members trying to understand and support a loved one dealing with Misophonia. Because needs vary widely, contact me to discuss details and options. Home visits, Family sessions, and collaboration/consultation with another family therapist are all possibilities. Family sessions are always 80 min. and my fee is $350. Home visit fees vary depending on need and location.


Consultations are available for individuals residing outside CA. Individual consultation is short term work designed to help explore and identify areas of deeper work you can take to a professional in your area. Prices are the same as individual therapy with a discount for packages of 6 or more sessions.

Consultation for professionals working with Misophonia are also available - see "For Professionals" tab for more information.

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