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Workshop for Mind/Body Therapists

Podcast on how living with Misophonia can be traumatic--for therapists

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Building community and helping clients find hope and freedom...

I am passionate about creating connections with therapists and other professionals who want to help the Misophonia community. Here are some of my offerings for those working with clients suffering from Misophonia:

Recorded workshop - "Misophonia - What it is, what it isn't, and how to help Clients heal" - Approximately three hours of record content from my live workshop. Learn about:

     - the cluster of symptoms that define the Misophonia phenomena according

        to research and lived experience,
    - how to differentiate Misophonia from other disorders
     - 3 common trigger categories and understand what the trigger experience

        feels like
     - identify 2 ways trigger sounds/sights affect the brain and body
    - how to conceptualize brain/body modalities to help find relief from symptoms
    - tips on assessment and when to seek additional support....and more!

This workshop was geared for therapists already working with trauma and mind/body modalities, but has lots of general information that is foundational for any professional working with Misophonia. Purchase of the workshop includes a free 30 min. consultation with me to answer any questions or discuss specific cases. Price: $175 for workshop and 30 min. consult. Use contact form to connect and get more details.

Consultation - I offer 30 min. and 60 min consultation sessions to discuss specific cases. Price : 30 min. $100, 60 min. $200 (if you are new to Misophonia, watching the workshop is recommended and comes with free 30 min. consult)

"Collaboration" Group - This consultation group meets every two moths in the spirit of collaboration to share cases and personal stories about struggles and successes with Misophonia. Group focus is on mind/body modalities and most attendees work with and also identify as having Misophonia. Use contact form to be put on the interest list--date for 2024 will be posted soon!

The Heart Centered Therapist Podcast - As one therapist talking to another, listen to my story as it relates to Misophonia, how I see the connections to a trauma experiences and why I believe the deeper work is worth it.

    Listen by clicking on this link:

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