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Misophonia Freedom Project

Stories of hope and healing...

This project is dedicated to finding Misophonia success stories to learn more about what works and to identify common themes worth exploring so more people can find freedom!

Three is the magic number! These interviews were conducted by Sara Bidler, LMFT,  Kresta Dalrymple, LMFT, and Sipora Wiessman, LCSW for the purpose of finding out more about the multifaceted factors that go into finding freedom from Misophonia. No two stories are the same, but common themes/areas of experience and exploration are starting to emerge. We will continue to add to this project as we find more success stories!

What makes a success story? Does Misophonia have to be "completely gone" to be considered "cured"? Is there room for progress toward healing instead of trying to find the "magic bullet"? The following stories help answer some of these questions and show how there are many paths to freedom...

Freedom Stories

Warning: Some stories do describe Trigger noises. We have done our best to keep descriptions as general as possible to avoid "collection" of new triggers. We felt that omitting this information completely did a disservice to the story and those reading who could benefit from relating to the individual.

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Do you have a success story? We want to hear it!

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