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Misophonia Freedom Lab

Therapy for Mind/Body/Spirit


Kresta Dalrymple, MA, LMFT, CCTP-II

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Welcome to Misophoina Freedom Lab!

As a therapist specializing in the treatment of complex trauma and dissociation, I work with clients who's nervous systems are on "high alert" all the time due to a seemingly constant state of "fight or flight" signals from the brain.

The phenomena of Misophonia triggers the same responses--but most misophones do not have such extreme trauma histories. I use the same brain/body techniques to help relieve the chronic stress of an "always on" nervous system while addressing the emotions of rage and disgust that characterize the misophonia trigger response.

Calling all mind/body therapists

The Misophonia community needs you!--My workshop on Misophonia is now available for purchase and includes a free 30 min. consultation with me to answer any questions or discuss cases.

Click on"For Professionals" to find out more and use the contact form to get started.

Coming Soon...

I am compiling an interest list for a regular consult group for mental health professionals who utilize brain/body modalities and are supporting Clients with Misophonia. Let share the wins big or small to better help the Misophonia community! Together we can find better solutions.


My main work is with individuals suffering with Misophonia. No two people are the same so no treatment plan is the same. I do a thorough assessment to identify areas of struggle and customize a strategy with my Client. Learn more in "my approach".


Misophonia is hard on families. Misunderstanding, conflict, feeling blamed or taking triggers personally are common problems. I can help support families to find workable solutions and mutual understanding around the phenomena of Misophonia.


I offer consultation services for individuals outside of CA for assessment and recommendations.Use the contact form to connect and get more information.


Consultations for professionals working with Misophonia are available in 30 min and 60 min sessions. See "For Professionals" tab for more information.

My Blog with additional articles and resources
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